Skater to attempt marathon in skates

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Amy Barnes, 28, a skater from Reading who is also a member of British Ice Skating is running the London Marathon at the end of the month in her skates.

The London Marathon which takes place on Sunday 28 April 2019 is 26.2 miles and running it normally is hard enough but to do it in skates will be a remarkable achievement.

Amy is raising funds for “The Mental Health Foundation” and stated “The whole reason I am running in my skates is because I believe that mental health is not spoken about enough in sport and especially skating where we have seen a number of the top skaters from all over the world retire or seek help as the pressure to look and perform in a certain way has got too much.”

She added “I also believe that the internet has not helped with cyber bullying being a prime example of mental health increasing in athletes.”

If you would like to donate towards Amy’s fund raising her just giving page is or why not if you live close enough go along and cheer Amy and all her fellow runners on.