NISA Rebrand – Your input needed!

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Dear Members,

As part of developing ice skating and supporting change within the UK,  the NISA Board have agreed it would be beneficial to begin looking at the rebranding of NISA.

The Board requested support from the Focus Group in investigating this further and a number of positive factors to rebrand were identified. These included:

  • Broaden the appeal of the sport and organisation
  • Inspire more individuals to take up skating
  • Update NISA to engage wider audiences and future generations
  • Create a more instantly recognisable brand
  • Develop a more commercially attractive organisation for sponsorship and new membership perks
  • Remove ambiguity currently associated with NISA and the shops under the same name
  • Reinvent public perception currently associated with organisation

There were limited negative factors perceived in relation to rebranding, but the Focus Group did question whether this was the right time for such a decision, and the overall consensus was that it would be a positive move forward to begin now.

Several trading names were excluded at the first meeting. This included names where abbreviations/acronyms could be offensive: e.g. Ice Skating UK. NISA staff were subsequently set the task of looking for suitable alternatives with available domain names. Once identified this revealed ten potential options. All members of the focus group then considered these ten names in depth and the law and practice in the area.

Research conducted by several members of the Focus Group revealed that the standard practice for NGBs of sport in the UK is to use the “British” followed by the name of the sport. The group strongly favoured a clear identification of the association being recognised as the NGB for ice skating. Examples of this include: British Athletics, British Taekwondo, British Cycling and British Swimming. Commercial sponsors are more likely to view this positively because it is a clear statement of who the governing body of ice skating within the UK is.

There was strong support for the term ‘British’ to be included in the new organisation name and additionally the word ‘Ice’ to distinguish the organisation from other sporting variations of skating. The group nonetheless considered all the alternatives in depth including:

  • Trading Names incorporating the abbreviation ‘GB’. These are usually linked to sporting World Class programmes and have legal implications for their use.
  • Skate UK/Skate Britain – activity-based brands with the name first, such as ‘Skate’ are used by many organisations to identify their grassroots programs. In the UK the Skate UK name is the current name of the Learn to Skate program so this was rejected completely for that reason. Skate Britain did not clearly identify the association as the NGB, and it also does not feature the word ice, providing some ambiguity between ice skating and skateboarding.
  • UK Skating – too similar to UK Sport and again no mention of the word ice in the name.

After careful reflection the group voted unanimously in favour of the trading name British Ice Skating’.

Moving Forward

Before the group put this proposal to the Board NISA would like to hear our members’ thoughts and feedback on this.

Therefore NISA have created a small survey to obtain members’ views. We kindly ask you to spare a few minutes and complete this to let us know your views on the trading name British Ice Skating.

Complete the survey here.

Logo Design

The Focus Group strongly favoured the involvement of the membership in producing the logo. NISA are therefore asking for members to support this by submitting a newly-designed logo, incorporating the new name of British Ice Skating. The broad branding guidelines are usage of the colours red, white and blue.

The winning logo will be chosen by the Focus Group and if suitable will be put as a proposal to the Board.

As a thank you the winner of the competition will receive a £150 voucher for Chique Sport, NISA partner and provider of quality custom designed ice skating sportswear. NISA would like to thank Chique Sport for kindly donating this voucher to support this competition.

We ask that the feedback responses to the survey are completed no later than Friday 7th September. For those that wish to design a logo this should be submitted in a suitable format (JPG or PNG) to Natalie Primavera via email on by Friday 21st September.

The winning logo will be announced the week commencing 1st October. The winner will be notified via email.

Please note the winning design will legally become the property of NISA and will be used in a manner NISA deem suitable for use. This may involve editorial or graphic changes, alongside any necessary changes to ensure the logo is suitable for branding and publication. It should also be noted winning logo may not subsequently be used, in line with graphic design requirements and branding functionality.

We look forward to receiving your feedback and logo designs.