Competition Music Notice

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Moving forward and into a new era, British Ice Skating hope regular broadcasting across platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and BBC iPlayer is the future for British Skating. However, in order for progression in broadcasting to take place, copyright must be taken into consideration more seriously.

The BBC operate a 100%MCPS licensing policy. This means that all tracks used must be fully Performing Rights Society (PRS) and Phonographic Performance Limited (PPL) licensed or if they are by unlicensed artists and labels then the artist and/or label has given written permission for your music to play out on the BBC broadcast.

Other broadcasters have different policies: so lesser compliance levels may enable music to be played on other channels.

The British Championships have proved challenging to achieve 100% compliance of this requirement so during the broadcasts over the next two days some music tracks will be muted on the Live Stream so that we do not contravene the licensing requirement.

Going forward changes will be made to the way skaters report music to all British Ice Skating competitions:

Every track used MUST be a purchased track.

Each track will need the following information:

  • Title
  • Artist
  • Composer/ Writer
  • Lyricist (If the piece contains lyrics)
  • Album featured on
  • Record Label
  • Release Date

Even with all of this information it may be that a skaters track or part of their track isn’t licensed. If this happens then skaters will be responsible for getting written confirmation from both the artist and the record label that their track can be broadcast on the BBC. Otherwise, the live stream will be muted during your performance and will remain silent on the ON Demand section of iPlayer.

Our advice going forward into 2019 is to chose  tracks carefully: Do NOT them rip them from YouTube, but make sure you can purchase the track and check its credentials on a website such as

Ultimately the copyright liability sits with the skater and/or parents of the skater and not British Ice Skating or the Broadcaster.

For this competition, British Ice Skating have taken on the due diligence to ensure that our first BBC broadcast is compliant. Moving forward if a skaters track isn’t compliant this due diligence will be passed back to the skater and/or parents in line with best practice operated by the ISU.

Whilst British Ice Skating recognise that this is an added complication we hope that you support us in embracing the positive impact working with the BBC will have to bring our sport to a wider audience especially as we start the new Olympic cycle.

We hope you all enjoy the live streaming and support our commentators and data inputters who have all volunteered their time to support the development of the channel and moving British Ice Skating forward.